Journey to became a GREAT MAN

Journey to became a GREAT MAN

    2. I need to change my attitude.
    3. I need to grow my knowledge.
    4. I need to change my dressing. It’s represent my attitude class.
    5. I need to be surrounded with a great leader.
    6. I need to learn to thankfull to Allah and people around me.
    7. I need to appreatiate people around me.
    8. Jujur dengan diri dan jangan tipu dengan suara hati.
    9. I need to make a super leader who’s to create the ultimate super leader.
    10. I need to take deeply think and though before make any action.
    11. I need to prepared before be prepare.
    12. I need to change my point of view about everythings happen ongoing in my live.
    13. I need to make a great masterpiece of what I’m doing right now.
    14. I need to enhance my potential and make makeself proud to be myself.
    15. Back to ALLAH!.

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